Personal Training - T&Cs supporting you on Your Journey to Success

You agree to abide by the Personal training T&Cs supporting you on your journey to success as presented below 
You acknowledge receiving, reading and understanding the stated T&Cs below
1.    Sessions will be for 45mins.  If you are late for a session, the time will be deducted from your session.  If I am late for a session, this will be made up at a mutually convenient time, but not necessarily during that specific session.
2.    Every effort will be made to offer regular session times and slots should these be required, but this cannot be guaranteed. I am Kate Campbell Professional Fitness the sole owner and trainer. I work predominantly on my own therefore at short notice sessions maybe cancelled. Rearrangement will be made.
3.    Initial bookings are to be made up to one month in advance.
4.    If I am on holiday, I cannot guarantee your regular sessions will be covered, however I will do my best to pre-arrange Carla, another PT, who can train you if she has availability.
        Payment is due in advance for block booked sessions and must be paid for prior to receiving recommendations and plans.
7      Initial plans are provided within your package…if you request further more specific plans they will incur a charge.
8.     Changes to session times.  If you cancel on the day you will lose that session as I cannot replace you at such short notice. 24 hours notice needs to be given for cancelation -if you need to reschedule or cancel a session. Ring or text 07775 515853 or Email:
·       Re-arrangement will only be offered for up to one session per calendar month. Any extra changes will result in you losing those sessions.
·       If less than 24 hours’ notice is given of cancellation, you will forfeit (LOSE) that session. 
·       If you PAYG, payment will be due for sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice. No further sessions will be offered until this payment is made.
·       Block booked sessions, 8, 12, 16 or 20 are to be taken within that time frame. Allowances will be made for pre-booked holidays or engagements - for example if you have booked 12 sessions @ 2 sessions per week it will take 6 weeks to complete.
9.     You are required to keep Kate Campbell Professional Fitness informed of any changes to your medical condition which may affect / prevent you from attending your current exercise programme with me.  If you are absent for medical reasons after a month of no booked sessions a Doctor’s note will be required. If you fail to contact me after 2 months your sessions will be lost and not carried over. Refunds will not be given and session slots will not be kept.
10.   Unforeseen illness, emergencies and family commitments can see PT sessions put to the bottom of the importance pile but I am here to help encourage and support you and meet the initial goals you set, therefore keep me informed.
11.   Correct footwear and training clothes (for the weather) will be required at all sessions. Always bring a drink.
Personal training T&Cs  have been developed and continue to develop in the hopes of creating a mutually respectful relationship between PT and client. A clear and fair policy helps build strong and long term relationships.
I am here to support you, and my commitment to helping you achieve your goals, are of paramount importance to me.

Class Participation

  • During the exercise programme, every effort is made to keep the class safe and minimize the risks whist providing an effective session. I am participating of my own free will and I am aware, as with any exercise programme, there is a risk of injury. 
  • I agree to participate in the exercise programme described to me by Kate and I understand that in order for the session to remain safe, alternatives and adaptations will be made throughout.
  • The structure, purpose, benefits and risks of the session will be explained throughout the class, and I understand that I may withdraw from the session at any time.
  • I will inform my intructor, if any changes occur, which may prevent me from exercising safely.
If, at any time you feel undue pain or excessive discomfort, Stop the activity and inform your instructor.