Fitness Class Pass - 6 sessions

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A fitness class pass is valid for 8 weeks from purchase and can be used for any of my classes listed on the pass.
Attend the same class each week, or mix & match - it's up to you!
Please note this pass cannot be used for 321, antenatal classes, postnatal 6-week course or bootcamp courses.
Passes are to be collected at your first class, please bring printed receipt to class as proof of payment.

Waiver and release of liability

I hereby state that I have read understood and answered honestly the screening questionnaire.

1. The participant acknowledges that there can be certain risks of injury to them or third parties associated with their participation in exercise sessions.

2. The participant should seek professional advice if they have known medical conditions or injury prior to the session.

3.  Kate Campbell and co. Professional fitness will take no responsibility for personal property being damaged or lost.

4. The participant agrees that they will abide by the rules for participating in the various activities.

5. The participant agrees to follow instructions given by Professional fitness trainers Kate Campbell, Carla Gibbons and Shannon Schneider

6. The participant is fully aware they are free to withdraw from any activity at any time.

7. The participant is participating of their own free will.

8. Having read all the above information, I as the participant agree to release and indemnify Professional Fitness, its owner and trainer Kate Campbell. I assume the risk and responsibility of any injury arising from my participation.

9. I also agree that in the event that I am injured or suffer damage, I will bring no claim, legal or otherwise against Professional Fitness and its owner Kate Campbell.

10. I have fully read and understand the above information and I have signed the screening document freely and voluntarily.

Please Note: Photographs may be taken during the class, this is for advertising purposes only i.e. on the web site or for promotion. If you feel you do not want to have your photo taken – please let us know at the time. If you do not inform us, we will presume it is ok.